Makrverse - GP ICE RACE Hackathon

Makrverse is launching a collaborative event in partnership with the GP ICE RACE to celebrate its official launch.

2022 Event Wrapped Up

The first of its kind

Do you want the chance to show off a handmade remote-control car to over 20,000 people, including experts from the motorsport and automotive industries, as well as winning tickets to watch classic cars race on the ice in Austria? This is your chance!

Win the Hackathon!

We will announce the top 5 teams on January 14th who will win tickets to the GP ICE RACE in Austria, where they will be able to race their car on the ice to compete to be the overall winner and receive credits to spend on Makrverse!

Fly to Austria - The winning teams will be flown to Austria to race their car on an ice track.

Network - Connect with leaders in the motorsport industry and expand your network.

Makrverse Credits - Earn credits to spend in the Makrverse community to support Makr influencers and buy amazing inventinos.

step one

Get started. Fast.

Sign up on the Makrverse app and join the community.

step two

Show your skills

Build the best remote-control car you can (bonus points for the coolest features!)

step three

Send your champion

Post the car on the Makrverse app and get as many likes as you can!

Technical Requirements

Be sure to check any additional rules specific to your home country. Winning teams are responsible for their eligibility to travel to Austria with respect to Covid-19 restrictions and their RC Car's compliance with airline regulations.

Fully Electric

Dimensions: Minimum 30cm x 15cm, Maximum 50cm x 25cm

Weight: Maximum 2KG

Agility: Must be able to be driven on ice

Batteries: LiPo batteries must be rated at or below 100 Watt-Hours

Design: Extra points for the coolest extra features!

Where is the accommodation/hotel?

We prepared the accommodation for the winners near the GP ICE RACE Venue.

Which additional costs do I have to pay?

There is no additional cost since the hackathon is to celebrate makrs like you and many others in the Makrverse app.

How many people can I bring?

Initially we planned 2 tickets for each team, however the GP ICE RACE announced limitations to the number of attendees such that we can only invite the team leader (if you decide to change the person coming, email us the name and email of the person). But don't worry, we will make sure you have a great time with other Makrs from around the world while enjoying the GP ICE RACE.

Can I ship my car instead of coming?

Yes, it is possible! If you prefer to ship your car instead of coming personally you can email us via and we will tell you the address. Although we would encourage you to come as a free ticket to one of the coolest motorsport events doesn't come often.