Imagine Fiverr for tech inventions!

We help inventors invent

We're a platform that connects you with maker who can bring your idea to reality. If you're a maker, we can help you find product market fit.


Whether you're an engineering student or just a hobbyist, you can make something people would want.


Put your creation out there! Discover an audience who finds value in your work.


Bring your invention to the hands of many people and impact your community, research lab, or university.

Why Makrverse?

The social media marketplace where inventors and tech enthusiasts can share their creations with each other.
Engineers can use their time to do what they love and make money off of the products they sell.
A community that caters for all Makrs and tech-lovers and empowers engineers to become entrepreneurs.


Engage in a vibrant community to support your favorite Makr influencers.

"I had a look at Makrverse. It's just amazing, i like the concept of embedding social media and marketplace together so I can connect and buy builds from other makers on the same platform. Glad to be a user of Makrverse"

- Aditya Patil


Makrverse is bringing the full Makr experience to the web, with an inventor marketplace and hardware freelancing!

"I am proud that I was the mentor of Makrverse during their initial stage, and I can't wait to see the exciting places they'll go!"
Alex Bouaziz
CEO & Co-Founder of Deel
"This team never ceased to amaze us! Their creativity and talent made their pitch one of the most impressive"
Initiator VC